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"Science and technology" is a scientific journal of the International University of Travnik in Travnik, which is published twice a year, in which problems in the fields of social, artistic and technical sciences are discussed in a scientific and professional manner, and readers are introduced to ideas and goals from the aforementioned fields . In addition to scientific and professional papers, it also accepts review papers, as well as conference papers.

A special opportunity is offered to young authors who are at the beginning of their careers to present their scientific research and findings through the indexed journal "Science and Technology" with the aim of expanding existing knowledge in the fields of economics, law, traffic, information technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, media and ecology. , and in this way gain scientific and research affirmation both within the domestic and international scientific public,

Authors whose works are accepted for publication will sign a statement on the originality of the work, as well as consent to their work being published online on the journal's website https://naukaitehnologija.iu-travnik.com/.

The magazine retains copyright and publishing rights.