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5G networks




: information and communication technologies : logistics : transport system : Robotika


Artificial intelligence AI (Artificial intelligence) Ambient intelligence Aml (Ambient Intelligence) adaptation anthropogenic impact awareness Asset amortisation acceleration Analytic Hierarchy Process anti-discrimination law approximation absorption capacity acquis harmonization acquis communautaire Altman z-score model Agrokor Acquis communautaire (EU acquis) abrasionwear air availability assessment of learning accountability Automatic Automobile automated driving automated vehicles approximation. a potential candidate air transport Agenda 21 accession Accession associating Annexes of Peace Agreement antivirus agregat artificial intelligence automotive industry administration


business. bonnet biodiversity Belt and Road Initiative branding business transport companies business diplomacy bussines business processes business entities business decisions business quality benefits of application bioindicators Bosnia and Herzegovina business business information Bosnia and Herzegovina BEX model BiH Consumer Law Business ethics business logistics Bibliometric analysis business strategy business environment banking business risk business efficiency Bosnia and Herzegovina businessintelligence Budget business change business enterprises BiH Bernoulli`s equation benchmarking business organization bankruptcy bankruptcy reason bus business ethics and social responsibility buildings blockchain budući razvoj beton


capital allocation counter-enforcement charter charter agreement content COVID-19 Covid-19 candidate countries companies consumers constitutional principle customer management COVID-19 pandemic COVID 19 capital capacity management communication competence corporate communication compatibility custody criminal offense competitiveness corporate social responsibility corporate governance citizen participation city prosumers cruising cruise ships competitive profile commodity flows car accident criminal investigation criminal investigation. children pedestrians Corridor Vc competitive advantage claims crisis consequences court company cloud coumputing (CC) competences carbonyl nickel competition ceramics layers congestion Corporate security countries crisis management citation database (CDB) corporate security Criminal responsibility communication Corporation criminal law communication devices compensation Companies Control children and teachers contemporary organizational design clustering clean production convergence corridors Corporate Social Responsibility costs Corporate Social Responsibility competitivness Copenhagen Criteria Convergence city. clusters countries in transition CEFTA commons competitive advantage (ability) competition analysis commercial industry condition capacity constitutive people constitution Constitution cooperation Council of Europe citizens' rights cyber criminal computer concrete currency risk change cyber attacks cloud cloud services client satisfaction compressibility modulus


dangers decision on counter-enforcement direction digitalization data Digital Silk Road digital competencies distance learning digitization development trends deprivation of freedom digital economy data protection driver training driving test driving in the future Directorate for European Integration debt decentralization development funds damage analysis distraction Data security development Data envelopment analysis data systems innovation dominant market position Dayton Peace Agreement Dayton Peace Accords distribution losses decline in the standard of living Danube region dynamic circular plate domestic violence


economic crisis ecosystem education costs education electronic environment environmental policies excellence Ecology European Union employee management education system Economic Integration economy economic system ecology environmental protection ecological economy eco-efficiency ecosocial system. economic growth economic and trade union emergency situations economic potential Europeanization European integration economic development efficiency E-government eco-crime environment and social issues export business entrepreneurship European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms environmental ethics ethics emissions eco-safety e-Business Encryption environmental policy education of parents employment. electronic business electronic commerce electronic market EU membership entrepreneurs entrepreneurship development Environmental Supply Chain Efficiency estimation of emissions external costs in the transport ecology traffic Ecological Problems economic diplomacy economic and institutional constraints eco-efficiency indicators environmental competence EU ekopolicy Euler`s equations economic activity employment entrepreneurship behavior Economic Institutions Economic Growth exports European Charter of Local Self-Government ecological paradigm environmental security energy efficiency economic instruments environmental European Days of Justice European Commission energy electric shock email euro elektromagnetni valovi. economic and financial crisis e-Government Europeanisation economic cooperation. Economic crisis Economic Collaboration economy coexistence


financial management and control financing freedoms and rights forensic marine investigation. financial statements forecasting models of business analysis financial reporting foreign policy facts furnished traffic accidents ferrous metals Foreign direct investment financial capital fiscal functions allocation fiscal equalization financial transactions Forensic phonetics Financing freight forwarding foreign direct investment financial institutions funding problems financial incentives fluids formation of young people future Frequency Modulation


Great Depression green and blue water gamification Global Supply Networks globalization globalisation guilty G2G Globalization global market government great circle sailing Green Logistics global economy globalizacija gray economy geotechnical tests


Healthy living environment heavy metals higher education health healthcare institutions hybrid teachin health care institution higher education reform human resources harmonization higher education institutions hazards Harmonization hospitality human rights heirs health tourism heating history hydrogen Heterogenost Higher education human resource management human resource human resource practices Hartley test human trafficking


income disproportion information technology Internet of Things IoT Information and communication technologies ICT information and communication technologies improvement of program orientation intelligent system information communication technologies institutions of the system. information innovation ITS information technologies investment international environment ITS - systems innovations information communication technologies institutions. international standards. interested users information system Internet of Things international exchange investigation international market IFRS 8 - Business segments Intelligent transport system (ITS) import and export information technology (IT) insurance fraud interests institutions implementation information systems intelligent transport systems institutional pluralism Internet indirect growth rates intelligent trasportation system intermodal transport Institutions interstate relations international trade integration international freight forwarders implementation of the identified measures ICT sector ICT instruments of protection Illiquidit IoMT internet inflation ispitivanja illegal work IoT IaaS information and communication technologies industry


Jet fuels JET A-1 judiciary judicial cooperation Journal Impact Factor (JIF) joint-stock company Judicial policy


keywords key stakeholder management knowledge knowledge. knowledge as a resource knowledge society koncepcija razvoja komponente


Law on Enforcement Procedure logistics lifelong learning. lubricant Lean philosophy logistics. legislation labor organization laws Legal person legal security Light Rail Transit labor Leadership in organizations leadership styles legal aspects lifelong learning logistics operators logistics partnerships liberalization limiting factors law legal system Long Rage Low Power Wide Area


mobile mechanical processes medical management Multi-criteria approach management money management concepts. Mathematics monitoring Mediterranean market economy mathematical model market means of evidence morality mission macroeconomic policy management of a company Money laundering mobile phone measures to improve. mathematics mobility modeling the economic reality motivation managing risks mass media menagment Montenegro measuring market competition molecular modelling macroeconomic challenges municipality mayor marketing malware material methodolgies Mjere zaštite metalografsko ispitivanje


nature New Silk Road number of trips new economy new technologies Nagel-Shrackerberg nautical tourism new added value noise normative regulation National security New technologies nnovative technological systems neoliberalism nanotechnology Nano Science national strategy Neoliberalism necessary technologies nepažnja. new development opportunity networks


organization organizational learning open and closed model offense organization and labor market opportunities outsourcing Optimal network optimization Organization optimisation Obrazovanje


part-time education principle of legality public administration power grid postmodern society public health pandemic COVID - 19 publishing activity pandemic pedestrian Pandemic protection against discrimination in the field of education post-modern education public transport passenger transport punishment prosperity privacy protection productivity practical examples Pesticides protection measures ports protection of soft targets perpetrator physical distribution polymers comprising a metal Post principles of fiscal function allocation plasma spraying Public transportation pollution public transportation private security professionalization protection Protocol PPP political economy process Public passenger transport phase plans private sector pedestrians pollution and environmental protection. Pareto Optimum prohibited agreements Port of Bar partnership policy planning persons killed population political-military position political system property Political system pollutants public city transport of passengers public authority Planning Public passengers transport pump privacy. power system power distribution network person of the XXI century PK „Vrtlište“ privredni razvoj propagacija Proširena stvarnost PaaS postmodern challenges


quality and standards in food production quality qualification quasi-neoliberalism quality of life quantify the impact


redefinition Republic of Croatia region right to education right to education in the international and legal framework of BiH reform reforms regulation reporting on corporate responsibility rule of law road safety Road traffic safety RFID regional cooperation redistribution and stabilization risk Republic of Serbia regime Realty registration resources road transport railwaytransport Reverse Logistics road infrastructure robotics Regional policy Regional funds renewable energy Road traffic railway road traffic resonance review rudarska radilišta rising prices remittances from the diaspora Regional Cooperation rehabilitation


sustainability secondary and higher education reform security services sedimentation tanks safety SMEs social networks Supply Chain Managament smart systems safe driving smart traffic sustainable development social context smart cities strategic planning sustainable traffic system smart mobility social responsibility sea damage sustainable development Smart Cities Security segments Stabilization and Association Agreement sanction sentencing Sustainable development supply chain streams of material S-1 Shipment strategy settlement Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) standardization Science and education security threats single internal market safety and security suspicious activities speech Stability sustainable transport. stimulations Stabilisation and Association Process stakeholders swap intrest swap currency swap assets stabilization and association Sustainable Development Sustainable Development signalized intersection storm water state support. self-employment spectroscopy software sustainable development. Southeast Europe strategic alliances. strategic partners strategic management seaports sea keeping statistics scientific research service trade state of law security community special war State of Bosnia and Herzegovina security strategy Sustainable transport Spa Slatina Southeastern Europe secondary winding spark service user self-services STEM Savremene instrumentalne metode signal svojstva SaaS Scalability sales value


third party transport transit technological challenges Transport traffic tourist agency transport and transport policy treatment totalitarian and democratic states technology tourist destinations turistic trips tertiary level health Toll collection systems tourism turbojet engine traffic connection trust toxicological effects technological innovation transport infrastructure terrorism terrorist attacks by vehicles traffic. Transport model transnational companies traffic safety thermal resistant polyamide trolley buses Technology Traffic transition the liability of legal persons technologies Terrorist act traffic accident traffic accidents the potential benefits and challenges trends trigonometric functions the ecological awareness the European Union the European Union target costing technical revolution the press the Internet the European Public Prosecutor the Western Balkans transport policy the EU traffic signal timing plan the environment the Rio Declaration the summit club Johannesburg the IPCC methodology the City of Sibenik traffic systems third party motor vehicle the relevant market the concentration between undertakings trans-European networks the liberalization of the transport market. traffic offense transport network transport routes trend techniques and models of e-marketing the testator testament tradition tram trolleybus Termal water The European Integration tourism growth and development thermal temperature Tesla Transformer The Bologna Declaration The Lisbon Strategy transfer Telecommunications Operators


unemployment unsuitable speed unmanned aerial vehicle urban crowdsourcing urban livability unknown driver Urban transport urban mobility Underdeveloped – rural areas urban public transport Umjetna inteligencija utjecaji sredine


value of works. JEL classification: Y3 vehicle values Virus Covid-19 vehicles Video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) vision verbal communication vakantna legacy Virtuelna stvarnost victims


windturbins wind energy wastewater work organization Western Balkan countries Western Balkans Western Balkans WLAN West Balkan countries water systems water supply water pollution water management Western Balkans; wind power waves web applications WTO Western Balkans.