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Content and technical editing: Authors should pay special attention to the appropriate structuring of the text and its appropriate length. At the top of the first page, it is necessary to indicate the title of the paper, the author's first and last name and title, the name and address of the institution where the author is employed, the contact number and e-mail address (if there are several co-authors for each individual). The paper must contain: a summary of 150 to 200 words in b/h/si English language (or only in English if the entire paper is in English), key words (must reflect the essence of the content of the paper, and three to five such words are indicated ), introduction, main part of the work, conclusion and list of literature. Below the summary is the JEL classification of the work. The JEL classification is listed according to: https://www.aeaweb.org/jel/guide/jel.php.

See detailed instructions:

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