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30.12.2023. Review article

6G stands for the sixth generation of mobile networks, which represents the future of wireless communication. While 5G networks are still being developed and expanded around the world, the industry is already thinking about the next generation to meet the needs of the accelerated digital transformation and the demands of modern society. 6G networks...

By Nehad Gaši, Bakir Čičak, Almira Salkić

Developing countries, regardless of their size, strive for economic and accelerated development. These countries do not have the appropriate prerequisites: the necessary capital, professional and especially highly professional personnel, a more developed market with a demand for new products capable of paying, a developed trade network capable of p...

By Enes Huseinagić

29.12.2022. Review article

Equitable distribution of income to ensure equality, fairness and productivity are important activities in the economy to avoid an economic crisis. Redistribution of income for the development of poor areas partially affects the productivity of labor in the economy, but it achieves fairness in the economy with the aim of expanding the market. The e...

By Rajko Kasagić

Water is a substance that was among the first discovered and abundantly used by the man. Although it is well studied from both, a scientific and a philosophical point of view, its new characteristics and features are still being discovered. Thanks to the development of the science of water, man learned that there are different types of water by its...

By Božidarka Arsenović

In the last 10 years, the development of small agricultural holdings has prevailed in Central Bosnia. Plant productions in the first region of raspberries, plums and apples are represented. The second region is raspberry, strawberry and apple and the third region is plum, apple and pear. This production is accompanied by the services of agricultura...

By Aida Varupa, Krsto Mijanović

In this paper, we propose the use of intelligent real-time information systems that can provide all the necessary data, information, and knowledge for more efficient work and decisionmaking in construction companies. An appropriate data warehouse is necessary for the functioning of such an information system. Here we will suggest some new ways to f...

By Mladen Radivojević, Nehad Gaši, Dina Vrebac

The increasing application of new technological innovations has a great impact on educational procedures at universities. Information systems that facilitate the learning process are increasingly being used. On the other hand, there is an obvious problem with today's generation of students in terms of increasing and retaining attention during teach...

By Muhamed Ćosić, Nešad Krnjić, Rudolf Petrušić

27.01.2023. Review article

The European Day of Justice was established on June 5, 2003 by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. The main goal is to bring the citizens closer to the judicial system, so that they know their rights and the means available to them in order to exercise their rights. The main purpose of Justice Day is to educate and inform the general...

By Rajko Kasagić

27.01.2023. Review article

Today, under changed circumstances and social movements, under the influence of the scientific-technological revolution and, in general, on a global scale, the need to connect life and education is projected, the search for what is identical in different, different in identical, multiplicity in one and one in the multitude ... It is that vast socia...

By Enes Huseinagić

Blockchain technology has the potential to improve traceability and transparency, reduce errors and fraud, and increase efficiency and speed in logistics processes. However, the adoption of blockchain in logistics is not without challenges, such as technical complexity, regulatory issues, cultural resistance, and the need for strong governance and ...

By Abidin Deljanin, Mehmed Konaković, Amer Konaković