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Armin Čelarević ,
Armin Čelarević
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Internacionalni unicerzitet Travnik u Travniku, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ilma Mrakić
Ilma Mrakić

Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik u Travniku, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Robots in education fall into two categories: robots used to teach children about STEM subjects and the more recent application of robots as teachers. The use of robots in education is largely unknown to both researchers and teachers. Developers and educators have questions about essential applications for robots used in education. Educational robots are used to enable students to acquire skills in a range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines, which are increasingly important in a world where technology is advancing rapidly. The potential for robotic technology to have a profound impact on society, both economically and socially, is enormous. The way people live and work in the world is largely influenced by technology. In order to make learning more pleasant and easier, the education sector is adopting robot teaching assistants in schools. Robotics can be used in education to help develop new methods and strategies. Robotics makes learning easier and thus introduces students to robotics at a young age. In primary education settings, students can learn how to build and program a robot to perform a range of basic tasks.

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Conceptualization, A.Č. and I.M.; Validation, A.Č. and I.M. All authors have read and agreed to the published version of the manuscript.


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