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The paper analyzes the establishment of the functional work of public administration, with special reference to local self-government units. The application of appropriate principles of public administration, appropriate to the acquis communautaire, but also the establishment of financial management and control, ensures the desired effects, which a...

By Siniša Bilić, Tomislav Delač, Lejla Duraković

29.12.2022. Professional paper

Law on Enforcement Procedure of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“Official Gazette of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, No. 23/03, 52/03, 33/06, 39/06, 39/09, 35/12 and 46/16; and “Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, No. 42/18 - Decision of the Constitutional Court; hereinafter: ZIP) prescribes the rules of procedure on t...

By Adis Mehić, Jasmina Tahirović

The quality of service in the traffic and transport system of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina" researched the parameters of the quality of the logistics service and its importance for logistical support in the Armed Forces. What makes this paper special is the fact that new terms have been introduced and new phenomena such as "passage tr...

By Mehmed Konaković

The development of modern society is accompanied by a continuous increase in the need for transportation (transportation), which results in traffic congestion, a lack of parking spaces in stationary traffic in urban areas, and an increase in transportation costs, a decrease in safety, and an increase in harmful effects on the environment. In the pa...

By Almir Ahmetspahić, Damir Lihovac

29.12.2022. Professional paper

In order to maintain the established way of life, which implies extensive consumption of the planet's energy resources, the human species threatens the flora and fauna of planet Earth. "Green transition" of the electric power system is based on solving the problem of environmental destruction during the construction and exploitation of power plants...

By Ajla Bajrić

27.01.2023. Scientific article

Heat pumps or heat pumps are devices that have the ability to transfer energy. Pumps transfer the energy they take from the outside and transfer it to the inside of buildings, i.e. to places where heating or cooling is needed. The heat pump consists of the following parts: compressor, expansion valve, gas (for example R410) or heat transfer fluid, ...

By Azra Hrustić, Nehad Gaši

27.01.2023. Review article

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors in the field of electrical engineering. Nikola Tesla invented a transformer for creating high-frequency and high-voltage "Tesla currents". Advances in electronics have helped people make Tesla transformers that are widely used in everyday life. Tesla experimented with high frequencies and very high volt...

By Armin Čelarević

The Internet of Things, or "IoT" for short, is a modern concept that refers to extending the possibilities of the Internet beyond its natural computer environment to a wide range of other processes and environments. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is a special part of the IoT that is continuously gaining in strength and popularity. The Intern...

By Muhamed Ćosić, Nešad Krnjić, Rudolf Petrušić

In this paper, we are dealing with self-services that public administration could provide to all users of certain services. Here, we propose the application of electronic and mobile self-service in public administration, and the use of some new concepts that can support such service. We will also state what both the service user and the public admi...

By Davor Radivojević, Mladen Radivojević, Nehad Gaši, Dina Vrebac, Rudolf Petrušić

Today we are witnessing a time in which even wars in the world between different states are taking place in a digital format. In today's environment where the number of cyberattacks is constantly growing, no one can rely on traditional protection such as antivirus software and malware detection software anymore. Cybercrime includes a set of crimina...

By Nehad Gaši, Dina Vrebac, Amira Trako