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Alisa Salkić ,
Alisa Salkić
Rajko Kasagić
Rajko Kasagić


Corporate security in the business of the company requires a number of conditions that profit company must fulfill. In the first instance it must be a good organization of the company as an organizational form according the market conditions and internal organization of work so that each profit entity has sufficient independence in decision-making to fit the laws of the market in order to ensure dialogue between the machines in the production and workers, including intellectual ability of each employee for higher profits. The operating results of the company does not only involve its owners but all employees and institutions outside the company (credit organizations) that are interested in the business of the company. Employees participate in management of the company, especially when it comes to detect of its shortcomings in the process of work or investment. In this way, it is a significant contribution of employees in obtaining and transmitting information to the appropriate center. Therefore, all participants in the supply chain process overall relations of social reproduction are interested in the business of the company and contribute.


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