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Husnija Bibuljica ,
Husnija Bibuljica
Haris Bibuljica
Haris Bibuljica


Data security in computer networks are very actual thematic. Accommodation provided by wireless network causes their spiral expansion. In the other hand easy connection to the medium for transmission of data making this networks much exposed to the attacks. Because of that it is necessary to pay much attention about data security in this networks. During the implementation of wireless networks we must decide how to define security policy and as part of this question we must decide what is equipment and data security method best for selection. In this paper as theoretical base are exposed some basic thesis in information theory. There are named often used standards for wireless networks, and standards IEEE 802. 11x. and IEEE 802.16 are detailed presented. There are discussed mechanism for data protection, and in this frame work detailed analyzed weakness and threats for data security. I elaborated the program to change the MAC address of one of the means of network security. Showing systematic measures to improve data security in wireless computer networks and described in more detail some of the technical measures


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