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Enes Huseinagić
Enes Huseinagić
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Faculty of economics, International university Travnik in Travnik, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Developing countries, regardless of their size, strive for economic and accelerated development. These countries do not have the appropriate prerequisites: the necessary capital, professional and especially highly professional personnel, a more developed market with a demand for new products capable of paying, a developed trade network capable of penetrating foreign markets, etc. Going over these evident real objective difficulties and obstacles to development, these countries are turning towards the economically developed part of the world, seeking and expecting from it actions and incentives for their development, convinced that in that case they would find enough strength to move their production forces forward more decisively. For this, it is necessary that these countries themselves make a special effort to train their entire internal social organization for the modern functioning of the economy, the social structure, and life in the country in general, to move towards the EU as ambitiously and fast as possible.


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