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Suad Obradović ,
Suad Obradović
Krsto Mijanović
Krsto Mijanović


The philosophy of economic development from the beginning of the third millennium is to establish sustainability on the principles of the New Economy for all the resources involved. The content consists of establishing changes in production and consumption, in which resource utilization, investment flows, technological development, organizational restructuring and institutional changes are in harmony. These changes will enable current generations to meet their needs and open the possibility of future use of natural and built potentials to create their needs. To bring economic development to the line of sustainability of the environment and economics become partners in achieving one goal. Ecological economics is transdisciplinary, pluralistic, integrative and more focused on seeking compromise than on the means to realize it. The Domain of Ecological Economics is the overall interaction between economic and environmental potential. In this paper, sustainable development will be achieved by establishing a balance between resource consumption, consumerism and the ability to revitalize natural systems, and by establishing a steady growth of eco-efficiency consistent with the management's performance.


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