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"Science and Technology" - a journal for economic and educational issues was launched at the time of the most intense struggle for a new academic space in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of enthusiasts, distinguished academic workers led by an academician, prof. Ibrahim Jusufranić felt the need to start a professional and scientific journal, which will be intended for people from the academic community but also for the real sector, businessmen.

Throughout the ten years, this journal has shown the great enthusiasm of academic workers and their efforts to overcome previous publishing backwardness and to direct subjective forces to the path of general, systematic, technical, technological, pedagogical and didactic-methodological progress in higher education. There was a desire, constantly, that contemporary thoughts in science and technology grow on European values and advanced thoughts of humanity, weave into the processes of creating a completely new publication that will respond to the needs of the challenges of today's society and its general progress.

Since the journal "Science and Technology" is spread throughout the entire region of the Western Balkans due to its cooperation and readers, it will go down in the history of science as a true factor in the contemporary understanding of the academic community. That the magazine got such a meaning should be thanks to the fact that it managed to be always present with its current affairs and topics essential for the well-being of all humanity, in modern academic practice, giving a critique of the existing movement or a description of some activity in practice as an incentive, encouragement and guidance for faster realization of everything the advanced one in society.