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Mirsad Imamović ,
Mirsad Imamović
Jasmin Jusufranić
Jasmin Jusufranić


The time of electronic business (e-business) has come, so the larger and more successful companies started or they are planning to start with realization of e-business, because it is a necessity for them. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) and electronic business should be observed in the context of their involvement with the business and technology trends. The journey towards the information society and re-engineering of business processes have opened path of trade using the Internet or electronic commerce. Then developed companies realized that the internet is a fast growing medium and the opportunity for more efficient and effective operations, and even then it has began to talk about electronic commerce and the opportunities that brings. On the other side, business intelligence presents architecture and collection of integrated operational applications, then applications for decision support and database of companies that provide a simple and relatively easy access to data. Today, every company has a computerized system, transaction processing, which forms the basis for more advanced system upgrade. Such systems primarily serve for the automation and integration of production and business processes. It is clear to companies that the installation of modern information and communication (IC) technology directly increase business performance, and so they continuously reorganize the business in accordance with the development of these technologies.


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