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Enes Huseinagić ,
Enes Huseinagić
Lejla Skopljak ,
Lejla Skopljak
Mujo Fišo
Mujo Fišo


This paper aims to articulate the need for establishing a national strategy for research and educational infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Modern scientific research and education in the field of complex problems in all areas of science rely on advanced and complex scientific research infrastructure. In the EU already exists the European Research Area (ERA), which is one of the key objectives of the European structural and cohesion policy. The basic document of the strategic development of the EU is Innovation Union (Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative - Innovation Union) . In this strategic document it is projected that in the period of budget constraints, major industrial and economic change and global competition, Europe's competitiveness and ability to revitalize, create new jobs and raising living standards depend on the innovative process that will lead to innovative products and services and business and social and life models.

Today, in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is necessary knowledge about this and related innovations that can be created only by interacting with appropriate research and educational infrastructure. Examples of research infrastructure in the EU includes a earmarked research installations, various measuring - experimental stations, earmarked libraries and archives, laboratories, scientific research ships and aircraft, as well as a network - computer equipment, which is called e - infrastructure. E - Infrastructure that enables e - Science technology, is developing tools for effective scientific work. The development of e- infrastructure and e - Science technology should be implemented through national technological project to create a GRID - infrastructure throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. GRID - infrastructure should consist of clusters in scientific and academic centers in accordance with the needs of industry, research and education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Clusters should make B&H a network that would be available to all interested parties. The next step would be, connecting with similar international and particularly European initiatives associated with the GRID - Infrastructure (EGI)


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