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"Nauka i Tehnologija": A leading journal recognized and indexed by prominent academic search services

Published at 12.10.2023.
"Nauka i Tehnologija": A leading journal recognized and indexed by prominent academic search services

"Nauka i i Tehnologija," a academic journal dedicated to science and technology, is proud to announce its recognition and inclusion in major academic search services, cementing its status as a valuable resource in the world of scholarly publications.

The journal's commitment to excellence, rigorous peer review process, and dedication to advancing science and technology have earned it a place in the esteemed services that researchers, scholars, and students depend on to access high-quality academic content.

Google Scholar as one of the most widely used academic search platforms globally, Google Scholar offers users access to a vast repository of scholarly articles and publications. "Nauka i i Tehnologija" is now officially indexed by Google Scholar, making its research articles, reviews, and papers even more accessible to a global audience of researchers.

Scilit, a comprehensive scholarly database, is another important platform that includes "Nauka i i Tehnologija" in its index. The open-access nature of Scilit aligns perfectly with the journal's commitment to sharing knowledge freely.

Dimensions: "Nauka i i Tehnologija" is now part of the Dimensions academic search engine. Dimensions, known for its wide-ranging coverage of research outputs, including articles, datasets, and more, ensure that journal content reaches a broader and diverse audience.

Semantic Scholar, an AI-driven academic search engine focused on context and relevance, has recognized the value of "Nauka i i Tehnologija." This acknowledgment further emphasizes the journal's importance in the field of science and technology.

Lens, a global cyberinfrastructure for innovation in scholarly communication, is yet another platform that "Nauka i i Tehnologija" is now part of. By embracing open access and unique content identifiers, "Nauka i i Tehnologija" aligns perfectly with Lens's mission of promoting innovation and openness in scholarly communication.

This recognition by such reputable academic search services signifies "Nauka i i Tehnologija's" growing influence in the academic community. It opens up new avenues for global collaboration and dissemination of research findings, ultimately fostering knowledge sharing and scientific progress.

Prof. Mladen Radivojević, the journal's Editor-in-Chief, expressed their excitement about this achievement, saying,

"Being recognized by these prominent academic search services underscores our commitment to fostering science and technology. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our authors, reviewers, and editorial team. We will continue to provide a platform for researchers to share their scientific and dedicated work with the world."

With these significant milestones achieved, "Nauka i i Tehnologija" looks forward to a promising future of increased impact, broader recognition, and continued support for science and technology advancements.

For more information and to access the latest research articles, visit https://naukaitehnologija.iu-travnik.com/.

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