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Crisis situations, such as the one caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, are establishing new circumstances in life and activities, to which education is also exposed. These circumstances impose various restrictions related to mobility, inability to travel, inability to work and other barriers. The technological challenges of education come to the fore,...

By Sinan Alispahić, Šezad Hodžić, Ajla Haračić

20.12.2020. Review article

Excessive speeds and unsuitable driving speeds are the key cause of the road traffic accident, causing more than 50% of traffic accidents with fatal consequences. The solution to this problem is the application of modern technological solutions, as smart systems in the vehicle. The use of these systems has become an integral part of daily driving e...

By Hata Mušinović, Sinan Alispahić, Šezad Hodžić, Azmir Kozar

20.06.2019. Review article

Digitization and technological innovations that offer numerous savings, especially labor savings, are beginning to be felt in the transport sector and in the field of road safety. There are numerous services that are digitized and that facilitate access to users, such as public transport timetables, purchase of digital tickets, travel information, ...

By Sinan Alispahić, Šezad Hodžić, Hata Mušinović, Irfan Zec

Traffic connection and modern transport infrastructure are one of the key factors of economic development. The need for everyday travel to citizens of different business goals, as well as ordinary daily or occasional migration of the population, have a significant impact on the mobility system. Creating a network of modern roads and developing smar...

By Sinan Alispahić, Šezad Hodžić, Hata Mušinović, Amila Duraković

Various changes have been introduced into driver training and driving exams over the past period in an attempt to improve the ability of new drivers and reduce the risk of involvement in road accidents. The changes introduced are intended to address the driver's inexperience and behavior of new drivers. This is primarily about introducing a minimum...

By Sinan Alispahić, Šezad Hodžić, Amila Duraković, Hata Mušinović, Irfan Zec