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29.12.2022. Professional paper

In order to maintain the established way of life, which implies extensive consumption of the planet's energy resources, the human species threatens the flora and fauna of planet Earth. "Green transition" of the electric power system is based on solving the problem of environmental destruction during the construction and exploitation of power plants...

By Ajla Bajrić

27.01.2023. Scientific article

Heat pumps or heat pumps are devices that have the ability to transfer energy. Pumps transfer the energy they take from the outside and transfer it to the inside of buildings, i.e. to places where heating or cooling is needed. The heat pump consists of the following parts: compressor, expansion valve, gas (for example R410) or heat transfer fluid, ...

By Azra Hrustić, Nehad Gaši

27.01.2023. Review article

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors in the field of electrical engineering. Nikola Tesla invented a transformer for creating high-frequency and high-voltage "Tesla currents". Advances in electronics have helped people make Tesla transformers that are widely used in everyday life. Tesla experimented with high frequencies and very high volt...

By Armin Čelarević

During the actual energy crisis, primarily in the EU but also in our region, governments in the region are intensively trying to decentralize production in the energy sector by encouraging the construction of new production facilities and encouraging citizens to produce electricity. The largest number of renewable sources of electricity (RES) are c...

By Saša Đekić

"EUROPEAN HYDROGEN WEEK BRUSSELS EXPO" was organized for the third time in Brussels from October 24 to 28, 2022. The event is motivated by the challenges of the energy crisis in the world, and it is an opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina to get involved in scientific research in this area.At the same time, it obliges the authorities in the scien...

By Mehmed Konaković, Abidin Deljanin, Amer Konaković

23.12.2021. Review article

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable group of participants in traffic, who, in collision with motor vehicles, most often suffer severe bodily injuries, and sometimes even fatal. The contemporary automobile industry is making great efforts to develop active and passive protection systems for all participants in traffic, including pedestrians. Protect...

By Danislav Drašković

20.06.2021. Review article

The ecological environment is the main challenge for the accession of European countries to join the European Union. Ecology is at the heart of the policy-making process of European countries, respecting the interests of companies and consumers. Due to the low level of environmental awareness of European countries, which are not members of the Euro...

By Rajko Kasagić

The most commonly cited definition of sustainable development is certainly from the Brundtland Report, which describes sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations”. Understanding the transport system requires an integrative intermodal approach and knowledge...

By Ibrahim Jusufranić

Aside of the positive effects that traffic growth has on the economic prosperity of the cities, countries, regions, continents and the world, the negative consequences of today's policies, which are more emphasized in the field of traffic, alleviate the importance of the same growth and development. Negative effects are mostly emphasized in urban e...

By Ibrahim Jusufranić

A key challenge with which, in the biggest measure, the countries of Western Balkans will face is expressed in the development of the millenium goals of the UN in the department of long-term development of energy by year 2050. Scientism understood as the belief in science, ego became like the base of our reality at the beginning of the third millen...

By Rade Biocanin, Jasmin Jusufranic, Mehmed Sivic