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27.01.2023. Scientific article

Heat pumps or heat pumps are devices that have the ability to transfer energy. Pumps transfer the energy they take from the outside and transfer it to the inside of buildings, i.e. to places where heating or cooling is needed. The heat pump consists of the following parts: compressor, expansion valve, gas (for example R410) or heat transfer fluid, ...

By Azra Hrustić, Nehad Gaši

Jet fuels are liquids of liquid hydrocarbons and are designed for jet propulsion. In principle, these are kerosene fractions or mixtures of kerosene and benzene fractions with different additives. The first jet fuel used for the propulsion of airborne gas turbine engines was light petroleum, in the United Kingdom called kerosene. Today, JET A-1 is ...

By Božidarka Arsenović