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27.01.2023. Scientific article

Heat pumps or heat pumps are devices that have the ability to transfer energy. Pumps transfer the energy they take from the outside and transfer it to the inside of buildings, i.e. to places where heating or cooling is needed. The heat pump consists of the following parts: compressor, expansion valve, gas (for example R410) or heat transfer fluid, ...

By Azra Hrustić, Nehad Gaši

Modern machine building requires expanding the range of wear-resistant materials possessing strong exploitation characteristics. In this respect, obtaining new polymer composite materials is of great interest. Such materials have been developed based on thermo resistant polyamide S-1 by means of introducing powder-like carbonyl nickel. The composit...

By Aleksandr I. Burya Dniprovsk, Yekaterina A. Yeriomina, Igor I. Polovnikov, Aleksandr F. Morozov

Health, spa, and recreational tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina are mentioned in ancient times, although at that time we can not talk about tourism in the modern sense. At the time of the ancient Romans they are mainly used as thermal and mineral spring water for refreshment and healing of warriors. Bosnia and Herzegovina has 16 spas and climatic h...

By Mladen M. Bodiroža, Ljubiša Ćerketa