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Atanas Kozarev ,
Atanas Kozarev
Alexandra Milichinska-Gutevska
Alexandra Milichinska-Gutevska


The expert opinion analysis of bodily harm is one of the most wanted and most popular forensic medical expert analysis. It is used to solve problems and issues that are closely related to human life and health. Forensic -medical expert opinion analysis can be used as a material evidence in the criminal proceedings. This expert opinion analysis must be conducted on the law basis, legal rules and norms and principles of modern achievements in medical science. In terms of form, that opinion must be clear, complete, conscientious and objective and to be justified and based on established facts. The court that is conducting the procedure must be careful when it comes to expertise, professionalism, moral, ethical and legal capacity of the doctor - expert. In everyday legal practice in the field of medicine, the most common forensic - medical expert opinion analysis is performed to qualify bodily harm. Moreover, it is necessary to address not only the type and nature of the injury, but also the other issues related to the injury itself. Expert opinion analysis of doctor-specialist of bodily harm over living individuals consists of the following obligations: providing findings and opinion in written form; providing diagnosis and opinion in written form with expert opinion analysis of personal injury in criminal cases after an immediate revision of the injured person and providing diagnosis and opinion orally


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