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Tihomir Đurić ,
Tihomir Đurić
Josip Jerković ,
Josip Jerković
Mario Zeko ,
Mario Zeko
Tihomir Jerković
Tihomir Jerković


This paper is particularly emphasized another aspect is very important for the formation of attitudes in traffic and the development of personality and its relationship to traffic starting from children as the most vulnerable participants in traffic to the parents and teachers of children who mainly learn the most and depend on in life. Education of all groups of traffic participants that reason is an important part of traffic safety which unfortunately in our country is still not understood seriously enough, nor indeed the mere possibility of traffic management. The paper analyzes the quality of education of children, parents and teachers to acquire knowledge of the traffic on the knowledge of traffic and identification of measures that are important for the preservation of life in traffic. Based on the research have been proposed and corresponding measures to improve this aspect of traffic safety because it is clear how education is important in building positive attitudes and increase awareness of the dangers.


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