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Lejla Skopljak ,
Lejla Skopljak
Erma Heco
Erma Heco


The permanent problem of entrepreneurship development is a difficult access to capital, the lack of private investment funds, inadequate regulatory framework for the banking sector, the aversion on approving loans and grants, and accounting standards do not make easier investment decisions. During the establishment entrepreneurs need start-up capital, and it happens that the company does not receive the necessary funds due to lack of credit history, lack of collateral or lack of skill of turning a business idea into a quality business plan. Also, in the growth and maturity entrepreneurs need investment incentives, and they need to find appropriate investors willing to bear the risk of investing. Financial incentives in B&H are realized at the entity levels without coordination between them, in the Federation of B&H in the form of grants of the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of Federation of B&H, Development Bank and the Foundation for Sustainable Development, in the Republic of Srpska through favorable credit lines which Investment Development Bank of Republic of Srpska places (markets) through commercial financial sector and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republic of Srpska and the Agency for MSP of Republic of Srpska. Currently in B&H there is no strategy for development of entrepreneurship, or the Agency for the Development and Fund for the financing of development, through which development would be financed and European funds would be disseminated.


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