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Jasmin Jusufranić ,
Jasmin Jusufranić
Mirsad Imamović
Mirsad Imamović


The role and importance of the development of the transport system on the growth, development, employment and strengthen the competitive position has been confirmed by the example of the intense development of transport policy and the establishment of a traffic TransEuropean networks in the Member States of the European Union. Their links with the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, and through them with the Asian continent and Russia, are increasingly gaining in importance. Reforms are needed at the level of the entire political, economic and social systems, and in this context, of particular importance is the transport sector. In this respect, the initial steps related to the incorporation of the PanEuropean guidelines and objectives in the current national transport policy and strategy and operational activities arising from it, then investigate and determine the basic characteristics and factors establishment and development of the European transport system, both within countries European Union and in the direction of their legitimate connections with countries of Central , Eastern and South- Eastern Europe by establishing and developing a network of Pan-European transport corridors


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