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Mladen Bodiroža
Mladen Bodiroža


Achievement of targets and strategies for sustainable economic/environmental development is impossible to specify for the reason that sustainable development is still far away, and disappointments because of lost opportunities are great. It should be emphasized that the difference between the rich Global North and the Global South will continue to grow and that will provoke conflicts on issues such as the transfer of available resources and technologies that are needed to manage climate change; depletion of the ozone layer; biodiversity; and a number of other problem areas.It is significant to recall that the whole previous century was a period in which the planet was exposed to industrialization, while in the XXI century, the race between development and degradation was continued, what may have in the coming time immutable / or intensive trend, where will future conflicts and interests increasingly take over access to vital natural resources, and less in the struggle for authority. Finally, there are two key issues that have no precise answers. First, whether the world is ready for the sacrifices that are necessary for balancing economic growth and preserving the regenerative capacity of the country? Second, whether and to what extent the tragedy of commons insoluble problem of the planet, or whether the collapse is direction which aspires to humanity?


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