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Zoran Savić ,
Zoran Savić
Zoran Kovačević
Zoran Kovačević


The security community of Bosnia and Herzegovina implies the protection of national unity, internal stability of legal and political system and social community as a whole. Such a level of protection is achieved by timely detection and elimination of relevant existing or forthcoming phenomena and processes that can negatively impact upon the security status of the state itself. Anyway, jeopardizing the security is usually organised and conspirative, i.e. secret or underhand (disguised), while the bearers are individuals, groups of persons, organisations and institutions that directly organise or carry out the intelligence or subversive activities in the country or abroad. This paper considers the international position and problems of security system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These issues are very complex, so it was necessary to pay special attention to them, which was one of the goals of this paper. We are trying here to consider the relevant topic multidimensionally and to give some recommendations in the area of prevention of crisis situations. In these efforts we will try to give a realistic picture of the security system within the diapason of security activities that burden B&H society. The research methods, the sample method and the method of content analysis were used in this paper.1


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