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Marko Carić ,
Marko Carić
Jasmin Jusufranić ,
Jasmin Jusufranić
Rade Biočanin
Rade Biočanin


The natural finds herself under the influence of energy of destructive power, old and dirty technology, uncontroling traffic, runs in the armament, war, sabotage-terroristic activities and other influences, which disrupts the balance natures and endanger the living environment.Today, the damage done to the environment, results in negative impact on the entire ecosystem for many years in advance. The consequences of the devastating effects of mankind on the environment that occurred in the past, whether it is an environmental crisis or an ecological disaster, are going to influence today's societies. Modern management system is based on permanent business process advancement along with application of Quality Management System and Environmental Management System in accordance with Sustainable development. The main addition of this paper is in the phase of identification of aspects through process approach, where a completely new method is initialized of influences. This is I, the most important phase of definition of current stage in implementation of standards JUS ISO 14000. Based on comparative analysis, with available data from three certified organizations, difference in approaches of quantification of influences on environment, results with development of a new method of quantification based on matrix approach. The aim of this paper is to oversee safety conditions and way of transmitting pollutions from eventual polluted work environment into life environment and to suggest optimal measures for eco-safety of work and life environment, according to legal regulative and international recommendations. 


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