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Dr Dragan Bulatović
Dr Dragan Bulatović


This work deals with sustainable development of tourism issues, with special focus on the perspectives of further growth and development of Montenegrin tourism. Aim of this work is to emphasize the fact that tourism destination management must be focused on achieving qualitative development goals instead on quantitative growth, as was the case until now. Sustainable tourism development requires abandonment of mass tourism concept and soothing its negative effects through the development of new or specific forms of tourism. For many underdeveloped and developing countries (such as Montenegro), tourism based income represent a significant part of their economy. These countries secure their financial assets for employment, economic growth and development through tourism based income. Because of this, tourism expansion has been encouraged and no one cared for negative effects of such expansion. The result of such policy was that these destinations have suffered much more damage that benefits. Uncontrolled tourism growth, considering its spatial and time concentration, causes ecologic, social and economic damage. Mass tourism followed by industrialization and urbanization became the most significant factor of spatial devastation which leads to degradation of the environment at the most attractive and, from the tourism aspect, the most valuable and the most sensitive areas. This is how tourism starts to destroy itself from the inside and converts into its opposite. This sort of experience with a change in social structure and consciousness has led in time to a new aspect of tourism. New global economy is changing standard economic behavioral patterns, organization and structure and by doing this it brings into question the illusion of economic growth all economy sectors and tourism as well. Sustainable tourism development today has become a priority in almost every tourism destination and tourism development vision can not be successfully outlined unless if we at the same time envisage social, political, cultural, ecologic and technologic aspect. Nevertheless, each of these development aspects is equally important and harmony between them can be achieved only if tourism stops to grow uncontrollably and continue to develop in quality and sustainable manner. Sustainable tourism is a broad term and takes in all forms of tourism established in accordance with natural and social values that make it possible for hosts and guests to interact and to achieve positive mutual experience. This is the kind of tourism we are supposed to develop in Montenegro.


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