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Enes Huseinagić
Enes Huseinagić
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International university Travnik in Travnik, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Starting from the reality of the countries of the Western Balkans, i.e. countries in transition and the fact that many of them are handicapped by their population, territorial and other potentials for implementing a policy of relying on their own forces on an individual basis, it is natural that within the framework of cooperation between developing countries, that conception appears in the form of collective reliance on one's own strengths. To carry out such an orientation, additional effort is needed, both for theoretical thinking and for the elaboration of practical solutions regarding the form of mutual cooperation of the mentioned countries. The concept of "relying on one's own strength" was not conceived as a consequence of complex theoretical discussions and argumentative polemics of economic theorists, but as a necessary necessity of contemporary practice. Namely, it is necessary to look at the possibilities and eventual consequences of the application of the commitment to "reliance on one's own forces" from both a theoretical and an economic-political point of view.

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