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Maja Matajčić ,
Maja Matajčić
Krešimir Buntak ,
Krešimir Buntak
Sanja Zlatić
Sanja Zlatić


The primary motive of this research is determining the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the highly complex structures such as global supply chains. The research draws conclusions about the current situation and challenges that global supply chains will face in the near future. Therefore, primary and secondary data sources, statistical indicators and researches about the effects of the pandemic on global organizational structures were consulted. The main fact is that Covid-19 pandemic is not only driver of change, but an essential accelerator of the need to restructure global supply chains. Global supply chains that want to maintain or expand their market shares in rapidly changing market conditions are forced to adapt extremely quickly their overall business concepts at all levels of these complex structures. The essential feature of this research is the definition of basic strategic guidelines for efficient adaptation to current and future needs of the global market


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