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Atanas Kozarev ,
Atanas Kozarev
Tijana Bombol– Delevska
Tijana Bombol– Delevska


Today, it can be emphasized with certainty that the rule of law is the foundation of modern economics, politics, culture, education, etc. There is no area of the social system that is not dependent on and protected by the implementation of the rule of law. According to the criterion of whether this principle is applied, states are classified as totalitarian and democratic. There are differences in the understanding, meaning and implementation of the rule of law in different countries. There are also differences in the normative regulation of this fundamental principle. In the Republic of North Macedonia, the rule of law is a constitutional principle. It`s application is protected by the highest norms in the hierarchy of the legal order. However, in practice there are cases that represent a classic derogation of this principle. The danger is evident if we take into account that the violation of this principle occurs in the institutions of the system, by the holders of the system of power. Although these may be isolated cases, their impact on citizens' perceptions of the application of this principle is enormous. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome the discrepancy between the declared and the factual, between the normative and the real. The actual application of the rule of law will largely depend on how much this discrepancy will be overcome


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