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Rajko Kasagić
Rajko Kasagić
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International University of Travnik,


Charter flights allow fast and secure communications. Since the industrial revolution, traffic has improved so much that its development can be classified as the fastest growing branch of human activity. According to the road on which the traffic takes place, it is divided into: water, land and air (traffic). With the development of economic relations in the world, traffic is improving both the means of transport and the transport routes. Air transport appeared much later than the others. The advantage of air traffic is its speed. For now, this transport is limited mainly to the transport of passengers, while the transport of goods is limited to the transport of postal items, or smaller quantities of goods of greater value, or perishable goods. Air transport as well as the charter itself has primarily an international character. Its real purpose and its economic advantage are fully expressed in the longer air transport over the territory of several countries. With the exception of large states, small states have a first-class interest in using airspace charters over other states. Despite the great importance of charter flights of international organizations, which regulate air traffic, they have not yet regulated this matter with a single international legal act in order to establish uniform standards for this type of transport of passengers and goods.


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