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Slavko Đurić ,
Slavko Đurić
Zdravko Bozičković ,
Zdravko Bozičković
Asib Alihodžić ,
Asib Alihodžić
Milan Milotić
Milan Milotić


Wastewater treatment is a procedure that reduces the present pollution with which the treated wastewater discharged into the recipient does not pose a danger to the environment. The paper discusses the mechanical procedures of wastewater treatment with special emphasis on sedimentation tanks. Sedimentation as a wastewater treatment technology is the oldest and most widely applicable procedure. It is used to separate inorganic and organic honeycomb from wastewater. They are also used in biological wastewater treatment to separate newly formed organic sludge. According to the method of deposition in engineering practice, there are four types of deposition: discrete (free), aggregate, zonal and compressed deposition. The paper considers free (discrete) deposition.


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