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Ibrahim Jusufranić ,
Ibrahim Jusufranić
Fatima Dervić ,
Fatima Dervić
Lejla Varupa
Lejla Varupa


Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR refers to the impact of companies on society, economy and role in sustainable development. Social Responsibility brings to enterprises many advantages if they are eligible for the right way. It is not a mere waste of resources or unnecessary investment, because of some kind of political correctness. In countries with developed market economy, social responsibility is increasingly becoming a factor in the determination and commitment of the consumer for a certain product, which socially responsible companies gain a competitive advantage over the competition. Countries in transition, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the companies that come from them, if they want to do business with the success they will have to accept all the demands of the global market, one of which becomes more and more - social responsibility


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