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Mehmed Konaković
Mehmed Konaković


Designated industry is the most profitable branch of the economy , the conclusion of the round table " Status and development of a dedicated production in Bosnia and Herzegovina ", held 14.12.2010.godine the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo . Given the current situation and the tendency of constant weakening of this important industry , are necessary urgent action to curb the negative trend in this industry , and then create the conditions for its revitalization and possible further development , noted the present . This is some truth in 2010. Discussions were held about the negative trend of need to stop this trend . Guided by the debate about how the world works on development of military industry , our industry collapses , as was utilized 10 % of capacity , etc. Suddenly, after two to three years later on the same dedicated industry referred to as a miracle . There was a sudden reversal , and trends become positive . On Thursday, 29/08/2013

The title was published in the newspaper ( Free Bosnia ) " It started a dedicated industry : " Igman " and " Pretis " work in three shifts ! " So what happened in just three years. With several contracts whose value exceeds 200 million euros, military industry is rapidly recovering and turning trends in the knotted line . Lately military industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina record export performance of several tens of millions of euros annually . These are positive stories of the Bosnian economy and there may be more


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