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Rajko Kasagić
Rajko Kasagić

Internacionalni Univerzitet Travnik u Travniku, Travnik, Bosnia


The European Day of Justice was established on June 5, 2003 by the Council of Europe and the European Commission. The main goal is to bring the citizens closer to the judicial system, so that they know their rights and the means available to them in order to exercise their rights. The main purpose of Justice Day is to educate and inform the general population about their everyday rights, and to bring together legal experts to exchange information in the field of civil rights and meet users of the courts. States are invited to inform the Council of Europe and the European Commission for the Effectiveness of Justice (CEPEJ) about the notification program of the European Day of Justice. European Days of Justice aim to draw the attention of the European public to important international interests or problems to mark or promote, and concern the protection of citizens' rights in non-resolution of disputes


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