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Armin Čelarević
Armin Čelarević

Internacionalni Univerzitet Travnik u Travniku, Travnik, Bosnia


Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest inventors in the field of electrical engineering. Nikola Tesla invented a transformer for creating high-frequency and high-voltage "Tesla currents". Advances in electronics have helped people make Tesla transformers that are widely used in everyday life. Tesla experimented with high frequencies and very high voltages. He dealt with signal transmission, remote control, fluorescent lighting, long-distance energy transmission and much more. He laid the foundations for a large number of fields that developed much later. He dedicated his work to the wireless transmission of electrical energy from which he worked, and today's modern communication, robotics, etc. Tesla's transformer was first presented at Columbia University in the USA in 1892. In this paper, the different constructions of the Tesla transformer will be presented, and the mode of operation of the Tesla transformer will also be described. Students and pupils all over the world learn about Tesla's theories that he put forward almost 130 years ago, and Tesla's transformer is just one of them


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