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Nehad Gaši ,
Nehad Gaši

International University of Travnik,

Dina Vrebac ,
Dina Vrebac

International University of Travnik,

Amira Trako
Amira Trako

Internacionalni Univerzitet Travnik u Travniku, Travnik, Bosnia


Today we are witnessing a time in which even wars in the world between different states are taking place in a digital format. In today's environment where the number of cyberattacks is constantly growing, no one can rely on traditional protection such as antivirus software and malware detection software anymore. Cybercrime includes a set of criminal offenses where computers, computer networks, computer data, as well as their products in material and electronic form are used as the object of execution and as a means of committing the crime. It became clear that the installed anti-virus program does not guarantee the complete security of the user or the information system. First of all, the question arises whether all computers and devices are properly protected by the latest version of the antivirus program. Just continuously monitoring the coverage of the endpoint environment is very challenging for IT administrators. Even if there is installed antivirus software with the latest update of virus detection, detection and prevention of sophisticated attacks are additional challenges. As a rule, IT administrators who are responsible for the maintenance and security of the System, will not get an immediate insight into what is happening or a historical overview of what happened during a security attack.


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