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Miroslav Flego
Miroslav Flego


Focusing on conditioned efficiency and effectiveness of goods flows, the purpose of this paper is to point out the importance and place of systematic study of goods flows through the process of valorisation of traffic routes. This paper seeks to investigate the impact of appropriate commodity flow processes as well as the formation, allocation and attraction of commodity flow systems on the more efficient implementation of the process of adapting, linking and integrating total traffic to international commodity exchange in the global market. The results of a holistic approach to goods flows with a special focus on the valorisation of traffic routes and the attraction of goods flows indicate the interoperability of all branches of transport on a particular corridor, assuming the mobility and rapid movement of the vehicle and cargo from one transport module to another. An important focus is on developing a methodology and concept for selecting adequate commodity flows that largely meet all set decision-making criteria in the planning process and thus directly influence the increase of goods exchange, transport safety, reduction of negative environmental impacts and increase of economic efficiency


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