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Miodrag N. Simović ,
Miodrag N. Simović
Dragan Jovasevic ,
Dragan Jovasevic
Marina M. Simovic
Marina M. Simovic


Today, crimes directed against the property of other natural and legal persons prevail in the structure of national, as well as international crime, where individuals, groups and entire organizations commit their criminal activities lead by the intention to acquire illegal property gain. However, this is not enough, so these persons try to legalize such acquired money and other property gain, i.e. to put them in legal traffic. On the other side, perpetrators of such crimes have a need to cover real source of such money or benefit. Therefore, not only states, but the whole international community, have recognized danger from such crimes of individuals and groups whose aim is money laundry and hiding of money and other property gain acquired by commission of criminal offenses. Accordingly, international law, as well as criminal law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, foresee criminal responsibility for money laundry as criminal offense threatened by severe punishments.


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