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Dževad Avdić ,
Dževad Avdić

Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik , Travnik, Bosnia

Zlatica Kuliš
Zlatica Kuliš

Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik, Travnik, Bosnia


Concrete as a durable building material is most often used in construction in the construction of almost all types of buildings in low-rise and high-rise construction. In the very beginnings of its use as a free material, it already made it possible to create new forms. Throughout its history of development, there was an increasing effort to improve the technology of making, finding new types, better characteristics as well as removing the defects of concrete, in order to take a leading position in the selection of materials for construction. According to statistical data, over 750 million cubic meters of concrete are produced annually in Europe, while world production exceeds six billion cubic meters


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