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Sinan Alispahić ,
Sinan Alispahić
Šezad Hodžić ,
Šezad Hodžić
Hata Mušinović ,
Hata Mušinović
Amila Duraković
Amila Duraković


Traffic connection and modern transport infrastructure are one of the key factors of economic development. The need for everyday travel to citizens of different business goals, as well as ordinary daily or occasional migration of the population, have a significant impact on the mobility system. Creating a network of modern roads and developing smart traffic infrastructure is a precondition for a sustainable transport system. At the same time, developing a network of modern roads and smart infrastructure has a crucial impact on the development of an efficient and well-connected sustainable mobility system. Good traffic connectivity and multimodal transportation are key to a sustainable mobility system. Such a mobility system will provide greater comfort, flexibility, faster travel, reliability and traffic safety. For a sustainable transport system in the future, it is crucial to meet the needs for smart sustainable mobility solutions. It is therefore necessary to develop new solutions that increase the accessibility of the infrastructure, optimize bandwidth and improve the quality of transport services. Traffic connectivity with smart traffic infrastructure that needs to be digitized and automated should provide future conditions for connected and automated mobility. A sustainable transport system with such a concept of smart mobility will ensure economic growth and development and improved traffic safety.


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