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Tatjana Stanivuk ,
Tatjana Stanivuk
Ivana Zore
Ivana Zore


Land reserves of oil, as the modern era's most important source of energy, have been almost exhausted. However, vast deposits of oil and natural gas lie beneath the oceans and seas. This fact has influenced the development of marine engineering and extremely rapid progress of sea keeping. As a field of hydrodynamics, sea keeping theory researches design and maintenance of offshore structures. Statistical analysis, wave models, force and energy calculations, structural analysis, etc. are various fields of research in sea keeping theory. The Euler and Bernoulli's equations serve as the starting points in the above calculations. Euler's equations represent a solid base for further calculations in fluid mechanics. Assuming that the flow is steady, and the fluid is ideal, Euler's equations prove that the Newton's second law can be applied to entities without a permanent shape, i.e. fluids. The Bernoulli's equation represents, quite simply, the conservation of energy law within the fluid in motion. It describes the relations among the velocity, pressure, and density of the liquid in motion.


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