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Dina Klarić ,
Dina Klarić

Osnovna škola Sućidar, Split, Croatia

Jelena Laća Mrdeža
Jelena Laća Mrdeža

Osnovna škola Sućidar, Split, Croatia


Considering the enormous influence of the euro currency on the global economy, we will take a closer look at its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the positive and negative effects that this currency has on the individual. The euro, which is controlled by the European Central Bank (ECB), was launched with great fanfare and anticipation. However, the euro's considerable flaws became more apparent when it was put to the test in the early 21st century with a series of challenges. The main advantages of the euro are related to the increase in trade. With the euro, European companies can easily get the best prices from suppliers in other euro zone countries. This makes prices transparent and increases competition among companies in countries that use the euro. However, we will see how a single monetary policy often does not correspond to local economic conditions. It is common for parts of the EU to thrive, with high growth and low unemployment. On the other side, someone suffer from prolonged economic decline and high unemployment. How all of this can affect a little man, we present below.


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