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Enes Huseinagić
Enes Huseinagić

Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik, Travnik, Bosnia


Today, under changed circumstances and social movements, under the influence of the scientific-technological revolution and, in general, on a global scale, the need to connect life and education is projected, the search for what is identical in different, different in identical, multiplicity in one and one in the multitude ... It is that vast social and cognitive horizon that is often elusive and cannot be suddenly encompassed by the subject and put under the control of man as, above all, a social, creative and self-creating being. The paper articulates that education is an open horizon, a constant indicator of social movement, an adequate "transmitter" of that doubt of knowledge that humanity has created, but in a different form, under other circumstances, specific conditions and, in short, addresses different ages, developing personalities and must continuously take into account all aspects of the process, knowledge, activation and design of the "core dialectic" so that the interdependence of life and education and vice versa, education and life is present, grounded and professionally - scientifically based, and it is a matter of education and educational institutions, in my opinion opinion, to introduce a person to life, to enable him to find his way in it and to further help him in independent development and acquisition of knowledge. The connection between education and life will remain an eternal imperative of the entire society, but that interdependence that permanently offers qualitatively new situations in terms of education, teaching, ... in all aspects


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